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What is the Essence of Bitcoin Mining Farm?

Best bitcoin mining hardware

If you have ever dealt with bitcoin transaction where you bought and sold some bitcoins, then you are in a good position to understand the fact that there are a huge number of bitcoin farms all over the world. The bitcoin farms are known to be profitable basically because of the fact that they deal with a huge pool of crypto currencies. With that the more a bitcoin farm deal with various crypto currencies the more they become profitable. On the other hand, there are a number of factors that determine the survival of a bitcoin farm. 


Factors promoting or hampering the survival of bitcoin farms

Like we have said, the profitability of a bitcoin farm largely depends on its ability to handle a number of cryptocurrencies. This is basically because of the advantage that comes along handling more currencies for different clients. However, some of the factors which might hamper the stability of a bitcoin farm are the increasing complexity associated with the blockchain networks. With that idea in mind, most bitcoin farms have failed to withstand the complexity that comes with mining and cryptocurrency networks. This has indeed made some of the mining farms to run at a loss and even stagnate as far as their profitability is concerned.

The existence of competition in the mining field

The word field here is basically the mining market. With the advancement of technology, more and more farms have become interested in the mining business basically because of the extensive opportunities as well as the availability of clients. However, just like any other business, the competition from other miners have been a deterrent factor towards the growth, popularity, and profitability of a mining farm. With stiff competition, most of the mining firms have been forced to shut down and even adjust from one cryptocurrency mining to another.

Mining farms have to put up with high technology and energy resources

Considering that crypto mining farms require a huge amount of electrical power and other technical equipment and processes, the whole process will translate into a costly endeavor. When the costs of operation are higher than revenue accrued the whole mining process, then it means that a firm will run at a loss. With that most mining farm need to put up with such costs and find ways of maneuvering around the high levels of technicalities as well as other financial resources and costs.

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Crypto Scam Blacklist to Total 113 Sites Updates Belgium’s Financial Watchdog

In a fresh alert posted Dec. 18, Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has included a new total of 113 sites in its updated crypto-related fraud blacklist.

The authority states that it continues to receive complaints from defrauded investors despite warnings. FSMA reiterated that the new platforms are run by fraudsters who are swindling consumers using cryptocurrencies. They have also stated the fraudulents’ strategy and principles to swindle the consumers, first, they offer you an investment they claim is secure, easy and very lucrative. Afterwards, they claim to have many such specialists who will manage your investments for you. You are also told that your funds can be withdrawn at any time and in the end, the victims find themselves unable to recover their money. 

The agency notes that the updated list of fraudulent sites is not comprehensive, and has been collectively displayed in particular based on the complaint reports of the victims. The warning also appeals to the public to come forth with any doubts or suspicions about other possibly crypto-related entities operating unlawfully in Belgium.

The readers are also advised by the FSMA, to consult its prior warnings dated February 22, 2018, and October 26, 2018, and to understand the nature of such frauds. The FSMA apparently had included a new swathe of 28 fraudulent sites this September.

The government agencies and Belgium’s FSMA joins global regulators in trying to protect investors through education. A Chinese government-led study detected 421 fake cryptocurrencies in May, isolating the three key features of fraudulent digital currency profiles.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) created a website this spring for a fake initial coin offering (ICO) that lured visitors with a with a good opportunity in investment. The mock website was immediately noticed and the majority of fraudulent ICOs were claimed to be identified by them.

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Waves Token Price Jumps Over 30%, Following $120 Million Funding Round

According to an official blog post published Dec. 19, global blockchain platform Waves has raised $120 million in a private funding round for its new project called Vostok.

The Vostok project combines two basic components  i.e. its own private blockchain platform, and the Vostok system integrator, which is a tool for developing and optimizing the platform. Hence it’s also called a “universal blockchain solution”. 


The Vostok blockchain is also focused on the deployment of the Waves technologies for commercial and government IT systems. The Waves Platform can develop new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) with the new product, and it will also help them built new technologies in blockchain in order to support for an open and decentralized web.

As reported by financial trading news website Finance Magnates, the private funding round was led by London-based financial services firm Dolfin. Targeting European and Asian markets at the initial launch stage, Waves started developing Vostok earlier in 2018 and are reportedly planning to launch the platform in early 2019.

The CEO of Dolfin Denis Nagy had commented earlier that it is often problematic due to the lack of financial infrastructure for attracting private funding in the blockchain industry According to Nagy, the recent private funding round was developed together with Vostok and is based on a model that is familiar to private equity investors.

The Waves Platform was founded in 2016, and it is a blockchain platform that allows users to build their own custom tokens. It is also touted to become the fastest blockchain in the world. The platform is faster than the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains, processing 6.1 million transactions daily at its peak, according to Finance Magnates.

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The Complete Guide to Monero Cryptocurrency?

If you are new to the field of Monero Cryptocurrency, this will surely help you. If you are eager to know in details monero mining pool and How to mine Monero, read on the following details.

Monero is a virtual currency that has been gaining popularity since 2016. It is a coin created with the aim of providing complete anonymity. Therefore, it is impossible to track the operations that are done. Monero has achieved this goal thanks to the Crypto Note protocol and its ring signatures technology. 


How can you buy Monero?

It is, therefore, the answer to the question of where to buy Monero best. Above all, there are the following three ways:

  • Digital marketplaces for cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto broker

What exactly is the difference between these three possibilities will be shown below?

Buy Monero through a digital marketplace:

Sellers can offer their digital currencies for sale. If you find a buyer who is willing to pay you the desired price, the transaction “Monero for money” can take place. The peculiarity of marketplaces is that the transactions occur exclusively between the buyers and the sellers. The operator of the marketplace, therefore, provides only the infrastructure available. Best monero wallet, as a result, transactions can sometimes take several days before they are completed.

Buy Monero through a crypto broker and monero mining calculator

There is the possibility to trade Monero with a so-called crypto broker. Crypto Brokers are typically brokers offering a variety of financial products. Often one can therefore also trade stocks, currencies such as the Pounds/Euro/US Dollar or stock indices such as American Dow Jones Index.

This is realized in most cases via so-called CFDs. CFD stands for “Contract for Difference”. The special thing about a CFD is that you do not acquire the financial product yourself but only enter into a contract with your broker.

In the result, however, this is indifferent: Because if the Monero price rises, you get the corresponding profit paid by his broker. The advantage of a crypto broker is that the transactions can be executed very quickly. Especially for those who are planning to do several transactions a day in order to do day trading, monero mining calculator crypto brokers are the first choice.

What to look for when choosing a stock exchange or broker?

The next step is to answer the question of which criteria should be considered when selecting a stock exchange or broker. In any case, one should value in his decision on the following things:

  • High security
  • Low cost
  • Good trading platform
  • Competent customer support

Bitcoin Price is set to increase by $250k by 2022 according to Tim Draper.

As envisioned by Tim Draper, Bitcoin will hit a cool $250k by 2022. Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist scored big as an early banker of Skype and Baidu. He had predicted the Bitcoin price to hit $10000 by 2018 and by November 28, 2017 his prediction had become to pass. Mike Novogratz a former hedge fund manager, who had also predicted that the Bitcoin price could hit $10000 by 2018, has invested his own $150 million and plans to raise even more from outside sources mainly from wealthy individuals, families and fellow hedge fund managers. His investment is informed by his sheer belief that Bitcoin is set to increase by 2022, sharing the same prediction as Draper. 


Reviews on the potentiality of bitcoin

There other pro-bitcoiners who hold the same theory as Draper. One such people are the famous Bitcoin billionaires Winklevoss Twins who believe that Bitcoin has a potential of thirty to forty times increase to that of its current value. They project their prediction of Bitcoin’s future market cap at over $5 trillion this is in comparison to the $7 trillion global gold market which they believe Bitcoin will greatly disrupt. They hold that Gold is scarce while Bitcoin is fixed; they also believe that it is because of its portability and divisibility that will make it stand out as compared to Gold.

Where Bitcoin prices will be in the next few years

Trace Mayer is another pro-bitcoin who believes that Bitcoin will increase by a relative price of 4.75. Mayer, an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and a monetary scientist, is basing his prediction on a 200-day moving average. He says that by taking the 200-day moving average in four months it will be worth over $27000. Master Luc an anonymous Bitcoin trader known to give impressive predictions sees Bitcoin reaching between 40,000 and 110000 US dollars sometime before 2019.

Thomas Glucksmann says the cryptocurrency will increase because of the regulation, the introduction of institutional capital and the advancement in technology such as in Lighting Network. Glucksmann, the head of APAC business at Gatecoin adds that a possible element in Market growth going forward could be a release of a penny cryptocurrency based ETF, similar to when BTC’s price shot up to $16,800 in Dec. 2017 after the CBOE’s futures launch. Ronnie Moas, founder and director of research at Standpoint projects Bitcoin to reach a price of $50,000 by late 2020. He projects that the market cap of all cryptocurrencies will increase to a cool $2 trillion from its current $150 billion within the next ten years.

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The XRP/ Ripple price prediction by the end of the year 2018: Will they reach the $10 mark?

Ripple price prediction 2020

Many of other digital currencies had followed Bitcoin, during its success and higher market status in the year 2017 and early 2018. It has been analyzed that anytime when Bitcoin has an increased value, the other coins will follow its footsteps. Reportedly, other cryptocurrencies like XRP has also been struggling at the end of the year 2018 since its market high of $3.65. 


It has been predicted by many that Bitcoin (BTC) may reach $25000 by the end of the year 2018. If the prediction does come true then it can also be forecasted that the Ripple will also reach tp $10 by the end of the year 2018 and may reach $24 by 2022.

When the Bitcoins had reached its best at almost $19000, XRP had strived to even reach at $3.60. Looking at this result, it may be predicted that XRP may reach $10 by the end of this year. BTC currently is struggling to even hit the $6500 level. So, unfortunately, XRP and BTC investors have to wait and watch till the end of the year for a proper result.

Ripple xrp latest news

BTC ETFs have been the center stage of the news recently.  People in the market had suggested that the recent downward in the crypto market trend is due to them. However, it has been seen that even after rejection of ETF by SEC, the cryptocurrencies have not had a loss.

But generally, BTC’s success won’t guarantee XRP’s success.  Because the cryptocurrencies are facing their own challenges. Firstly, XRP is under the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) scrutiny. If XRP falls under the security category of SEC then it will have to follow its rule and regulations.

Moreover, people also have the impression that XRP follows a centralized system regardless of the other cryptocurrencies which follow a decentralized process.

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Will Bitcoin see the light of the day by reaching $50000 mark?

Will the Bitcoin ever see the light of the day by hitting $ 50,000 this year? While the vast majority of the cryptographic forms of money are much underneath their prior highs yet there are expectations and predictions coming up for the cryptocurrencies. And many expect that Bitcoin will ascend as high as $ 50,000 in the year 2018. 


Jeet Singh, a cryptocurrency portfolio manager had stated at World Economic Forum in Davos that the current situation where the Bitcoin is facing an all-time lowdown is a normal condition when it comes to the cryptocurrencies space. That is why there is no such reason to be worried since cryptocurrencies do vary 70% to 80%.

And it has been also noted that the top companies such as Microsoft and Apple also initially had their stocks at a very low point and used to fluctuate. But after these companies developed their businesses their stocks also rose and they became stable by the day

But one cannot console the worried customers i.e. the investors. After seeing this high volatility they have been in a panic situation. But according to sources, it is said that long-term investors need not worry because they will be holding their crypto assets for a long period.

Jeet Singh also stated that there is a probability that Bitcoin would reach as high as $ 50,000 this year. That will be a five-time increase in the current market scenario where its price is $10,000.

Now it is very unsure whether the portfolio manager is right or wrong, but the truth is that more and more investors are worried about the volatility. Due to which many of the new investors and the current investors are not sure to add their investments in Bitcoin any further. Also, many of the long-term investors are hoping for a stable increase in the market and holding on to their crypto assets. Although there have been reports that many of the institutions have invested in bitcoin and many others plan to invest, it surely brings a ray of hope after the Bitcoin had reached its lowest earlier this week.

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